A Unique Coverage Form

Today Attorneys are far more likely to have a Cyber Breach than ever before. Cyber criminals have realized that law firms have access to PHI, PCI and PII all in one location and in most cases with sub par online that determine how sensitive data must be handled. There is also an ethical duty of competence and confidentiality that require law firms to secure sensitive data. Many states have enacted data breach notification laws that apply to law firms in the event of a data breach. Without a breach response plan these requirements are virtually impossible to comply with. A firm’s failure to comply with state notification laws can result in costly litigation, fines, the loss of client business and reputational harm.

Offering Third Party Escrow Coverage

Unauthorized release of confidential information

Violation of a person’s rights to privacy

Personal injury in an electronic/social media environment

Intellectual property infringement

Violations of state and federal privacy laws

Senior Executives Coverage

We have also added a section for theft of senior executives’ personal funds.  As stated, this must be tied to a compromise of the insured’s network.  This is a great benefit for senior law partners.


Tax not included in the below chart.


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